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  1. The world after COVID19 is shaping up. Businesses that had virtual platforms performed best. The future will be more of the same. https://ChitChatChannel.com fills that gap by providing you with a Social Business Page— like Facebook, but which plugs into its own real-time ordering /shipping system, instantly creating an additional outlet for your business. It has other corporate features like its own ‘zoom’ or CHAD for Agile Tech Development.
    So, whatever your business: Restaurateur, Influencer, Retailer, Realtor, Educator, Tech-developer or what have you — you are right there, building your brand or team, and generating additional revenues or efficiencies through your new outlet – and partaking in the future digital economy. Sign up at https://chitchatchannel.com. Add me up on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hanna-brown-096a22b6

  2. Hi Matt – I’m trying to get in touch via email to enquire about some editing we sent over (RSM), but got a bounce-back – do you know if there’s an issue with your email?


  3. Hi Matt, Huga Horvath suggested I get in touch. We’re looking for video streaming / recording support for an event in Amsterdam, 21st of April. Main stage needs static camera + roving camera + livestream (maybe via twitch). Side room needs a cam, recording only. Lots of speakers, so mics etc (not sure if there is an event sound crew with mics). Can get in day before, but maybe not fully. Not sure about get out. Anything you may be able to help with?

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